About the City X Project

In a world of exponential technologies, the next generation must be equipped with the tools to adapt, empathize, collaborate, and innovate. The City X Project aims to prepare children for the world of tomorrow, starting today.

The City X Workshop introduces key 21st century skills, including emotional literacy, empathy, design thinking, creative problem solving, and social literacy using hands-on engagement with 3D printing and modeling technologies. By embedding these learning objectives in the context of a story with elements of gaming, we are able to playfully walk young students through the process of invention. By the end, children ideate, prototype and test to turn their ideas for solving real-world problems into real, physical objects in a matter of days.


The Team


Libby Falck

Director, City X Project

Libby Falck is a writer, media artist, and filmmaker based in San Francisco. Libby’s specialties include film, interactive media, and UX design. Libby has also worked in education teaching filmmaking, video game design, 3D modeling, and graphic design to children ages 8-18. She is thrilled to be combining all of these passions as the Director of the City X Project.


Brett Schilke

Director, IDEAco

Brett is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and instigator who loves languages, hippos, and making awesome things happen. With a background in intercultural psychology and global learning, Brett has worked in nonprofits, education, and community development on three continents over the past ten years. His mission is to bring together people, communities and ideas to incite learning and change on a global scale.


Matthew Straub

Communications Director, IDEAco

Matthew is an avid traveler with a lot of coffee in his system. With a background in digital marketing, web, photography, and an enthusiasm for all new technologies, he’s excited to help share the story of the City X Project. He’d be the first to travel to City X because he knows an interplanetary flight would net him a lot of air miles.

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