Below is a collection of resources to accompany and supplement the City X Project toolkit. All materials below are referenced in your Instructor’s Guide.


Open the workshop presentation as a Prezi. This version has all of the videos below embedded, but needs to be streamed online. It is otherwise identical to the PDF presentation in your toolkit.

City X Medallions

You may download a 3D print file of the City X Project logo (.stl) to 3D print in your classroom. We typically present these to each student at the end of the workshop, as a token of appreciation from the Mayor of City X. Depending on your printer, you’ll likely have to create multiple copies of this file in whichever software your printer uses to print multiple medallions at once. This file prints quickly and effectively at a very small size, and we’ve had no trouble printing 12 at a time on a Cube 3D printer in less than 30 minutes.


Download the collection of City X Project videos (200 MB) if you do not have reliable Internet for streaming videos during the workshop. These are the same as the videos embedded below, without the Robohand video. The Robohand video can be downloaded here from MakerBot’s website.

Video A: 3D Printer

Video B: Made in Space

Video C: The Mayor’s Call for Help

Video D: Robohand

Video E: Thank You From the Mayor

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